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Wind Ring
Wind Ring (The Conqueror)
A close-up in "The Conqueror"
Type Planeteer ring
Owner Linka

Special powers


First appearance A Hero for Earth

The Wind Ring is one of five magic rings created by Gaia to help defend the planet Earth.

It debuted in the series pilot episode, seen with the other 4 rings being sent to five corners of the globe by Gaia. The Wind Ring was sent to Eastern Europe (formerly the Soviet Union) where Linka receives it from a bird while playing songs on her electric keyboard.

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The Wind Ring has a periwinkle stone and three squiggle lines representing wind as its emblem inside it. It is activated when the holder says "Wind" whilst clenching their fist. When activated, it casts white energy (when summoning Captain Planet the energy is often light blue) in the form of a spinning pinwheel. It is one of the three magic rings (along with Water and Earth) to have a gold band for the entirety of the series. Starting in Season 4, the Wind Ring loses its unique sound effect and no longer produces its spinning pinwheel shape.

Wind Ring Shape

Pinwheel shape energy of Wind Ring

It is often confused with the Water Ring, which also has a bluestone (albeit a different shade), a gold band, and a wave emblem that is similar to one of the "wind squiggles".



The Wind Ring gives its holder control over the element of Wind to a limited degree.

It can create small whirlwinds, open some barricaded doors, blow away objects and gases, and lift people including the user to new heights. However, it is very draining on Linka when she engulfs herself with wind enabling her to fly momentarily. It can also be used to create gusts of wind to aid in transport in various types of transportation such as a sailboat. It has the unique ability out of all the magic rings to be able to create and manipulate its element, as opposed to the others which can do either or but not both.

Captain Planet[]

The Wind Ring is responsible for Captain Planet's flight ability and presumably his hurricane-like breath and the ability to create wind-based weather conditions. It is always the 3rd ring used in the process of summoning him.



Like the other rings, the Wind Ring will not activate if: Captain Planet has been summoned, the ring has come in contact with pollution, the pollution level in the immediate area is high, and if the user's mind is polluted.

It has been shown that the wind created from the ring can be disrupted causing it to dissipate. The strength of the wind created varies but is never shown to be as violent or strong as a tornado or hurricane.


  • Linka
  • Linka's future daughter
  • Hindu Elephant Statue
  • Future Adult Linka
  • Lydia