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Water Ring
Water Ring (The Conqueror)
A close-up in "The Conqueror"
Type Planeteer ring
Owner Gi

Special powers


First appearance A Hero for Earth

The Water Ring is one of 5 magic rings created by Gaia to help defend the planet.

It debuted in the series pilot, seen with the other 4 rings being sent to 5 corners of the globe by Gaia. The Water Ring was sent to Asia where Gi obtains it from a dolphin that tosses it to her.


The Water Ring has a cerulean stone and a blue wave emblem inside it. It is activated when the holder says "Water" while clenching their fist. When activated, it spouts blue energy in the shape of a revolving asymmetrical decagon with small droplet shaped energy encircling that. It is one of the 3 magic rings (along with Earth and Wind) to have a gold band for the entire series. Beginning with Season 4, the Water Ring loses its unique sound effect and no longer produces its distinctive decagon shape.

Water Ring Shape

Water Ring in full effect.

It is often confused with the Wind Ring which also has a blue stone (albeit a different shade), a gold band, and squiggle emblems similar to the Water Ring's wave emblem.



The Water Ring gives its holder control over the element of Water to a limited degree.

It can manipulate water from any natural or man-made source. Natural sources include various bodies of water ranging from a small puddle to a vast ocean, clouds, and even the human body. Man-made sources may include hoses, pipes, faucets, tanks, towers, wells, hydrants, and many other items made to contain water. It is primarily used to extinguish fires, but is also effective at repelling hazards, subduing enemies, and rescuing people and or animals in the water. Aside from manipulating water, it has been shown be able to soak some terrains. One example being a hole in the ground that was instantly turned into a puddle of mud without any visible water present. It is just as effective when used underwater.

Captain Planet[]

The Water Ring allows Captain Planet to presumably transform into water, create precipitation based weather such as rain, and to be able to breathe underwater. It is always the 4th ring used in the process of summoning him.



Like the other rings, the Water Ring will not activate if: Captain Planet has been summoned, the ring has come in contact with pollution, pollution level in the area is high, and if the user's mind is polluted.

If used on polluted water, it will activate but have no effect. It can only manipulate pure water. It can't affect water in its ice form.[1] While the Fire Ring is limited to just creating its element and not controlling it, the Water Ring is the exact opposite where it shown capable of manipulating water but not creating it, except in one of the Planeteer Alert segments at the end of Domes of Doom where Gi waters plants by creating water with her ring.


  • Gi
  • Gi's future son
  • Future Adult Gi
  • Hindu Elephant Statue
  • Li