Trish was Wheeler's girlfriend before he joined the Planeteers. She goes by the pseudonym 'Trash' in the episode Talkin' Trash, and runs with a gang, vandalizing property.

Trish is voiced by Kath Soucie, the same actor who provides Linka's voice.


Trish is blonde and slim, with dark eyes. She's tough, and brave enough to be foolhardy with certain things - she and her friends jump from bridges onto moving trains.

Trish as Trash

Bio Edit

Trish is an artist, though during Wheeler's absence, she turns to crime, vandalizing the neighborhoods by running in a gang and vandalizing public property. She also engages in risky behavior, such as jumping off a bridge onto travelling trains.

After Wheeler convinces her to change her behavior, she risks her life to bring Verminous Skumm's plan down. She shares a kiss with Wheeler at the end of the episode Talkin' Trash.

Significant EpisodesEdit