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The Tree Of Life is a powerful primordial tree that was prominently featured in the episode Tree of Life.


According to Native American legend, millions of years ago, when the Earth was still forming, the great Tree Of Life grew in a certain valley in what would come to be known as North America. Despite the rains and winds, it survived and thrived - growing till it towered into the sky. The most remarkable thing about it, though, was that its sap contained the power of life, and all the other trees in the forest were born from its seedlings. Gaia herself later described the tree as "the greatest redwood of them all", and affirmed that its sap contained "all the powers of Nature". MAL also acknowledged its sap's power, stating that Doctor Blight would become "a living lightning strong enough to take on Captain Planet" if she managed to get the sap.

Powers and Abilities[]

Like Gaia and Captain Planet, the Tree Of Life possessed all the powers of Nature, which others could access if they managed to get its sap. Examples of powers it possessed are:

  • Cutting Immunity (limited): The Tree Of Life had the ability to be immune to any kind of damage from being cut, but this is limited - initially, Dr. Blight's robots were unable to cut the tree down, and their saws were even broken in the attempt, but it still ultimately fell to the evil Doctor's new improved robot.
  • Power Bestowal: The tree's sap had the ability to bestow supernatural powers to others - Dr. Blight became a force to be reckoned with after she sprayed herself with perfume made from the sap, matching Captain Planet blow for blow, and even besting him twice. Examples of powers the sap were able to bestow on one were -
    • Flight: The ability to fly at high speeds without any outside influence or support. Dr. Blight was able to fly and move through the air at will, and engage Captain Planet in an airborne battle.
    • Supernatural Strength: The ability to possess a level of strength drastically beyond what is naturally possible. Dr. Blight was able to effortlessly bend metal with her bare hands, as well as fall a tree with a mere hand gesture.
    • Laser Beam Emission: The ability to create and project beams of laser that are capable of piercing virtually anything they come in contact with, and have explosive properties. Dr. Blight was able to project powerful beams of red laser from her fingertips and hands, which are capable of completely destroying her own robots, overpower Captain Planet's own laser beam attacks and even send him flying (though it must still be noted that he was severely weakened during that time).
    • Air Breath: The ability to generate from within oneself air or wind, and release them from the mouth. Dr. Blight was able to generate and manipulate the air or wind within her in a way that allowed her to shape the exhaling of the effect - she breathed a powerful gust of wind that destroyed the log cages that held the Planeteers prisoner, while leaving them unscathed.
    • Plant Monster Physiology: The ability to transform into a plant monster. Dr. Blight was able to transform herself into a plant monster with tree-like appendages and a grip so strong that even Captain Planet (who possessed supernatural strength himself) had to transform into water to free himself.
    • Gas Mimicry: The ability to transform completely into gas. Dr. Blight was able to transform herself completely into gas.
    • Atmokinesis: The ability to sense, create, shape, and manipulate weather. Dr. Blight was able to manipulate the weather at will - after her first victory over Captain Planet, she created a rainstorm to worsen the ecological crisis she caused, and during her second battle with Captain Planet, she summoned dark, heavy rainclouds to completely block out the sun so he could not derive power from it.
    • Restoration: The ability to restore living things to their optimum state. When Wheeler sprayed the severely weakened Captain Planet with the sap's perfume, he was restored to full strength and health - his muscles strengthened, his eyes and entire body radiated power, and he dispersed the rainclouds Dr. Blight had summoned, clearing the sky to let the sun shine again.