Mame and her son, Stalker Slaughter

The Slaughters are a mother and son team primarily in the business of illegal poaching. This generally puts them in direct competition with Looten Plunder, they form a temporary truce in order to attempt to stop and eliminate the Planeteers.


Stalker Slaughter is one of Mame's children that works with her during poaching operations. He appears to have a strong attachment to her, also needing her direction most of the time. His IQ seems to be rather low, although compared to his sibling in 5-Ring Panda-Monium, he's a genius.

Significant EpisodesEdit

Minor Eco-villains, the Slaughters appear in three episodes: Horns A'Plenty, 5-Ring Panda-Monium and Orangu-Tangle.


Henchman fires at a rhino, and misses.
Mame: Come on, you klutz, get with the program! How big a target do you need?