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Mame and her son, Stalker Slaughter

The Slaughters are a mother and son team primarily in the business of illegal poaching. This generally puts them in direct competition with Looten Plunder, they form a temporary truce in order to attempt to stop and eliminate the Planeteers. The Slaughters represent the endangerment of animals and the evils of poaching.


Stalker Slaughter is one of Mame's children that works with her during poaching operations. He appears to have a strong attachment to her, also needing her direction most of the time. His IQ seems to be rather low, although compared to his sibling in 5-Ring Panda-Monium, he's a genius.

Significant Episodes[]

Minor Eco-villains, the Slaughters appear in three episodes: Horns A'Plenty, 5-Ring Panda-Monium and Orangu-Tangle.


Henchman fires at a rhino, and misses.
Mame: Come on, you klutz, get with the program! How big a target do you need?