The Garbage Strikes
Season 02, Episode 02
Air date September 21, 1991
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The Garbage Strikes is the second episode in the second season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main CharactersEdit

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot SynopsisEdit

A garbage strike occurs in Paris, where trash is piling up. Upon hearing about a new garbage-eating microbe, Sly Sludge steals it and releases it in Paris for a sizable amount of quick cash. Unfortunately, the microbes go out of control, becoming huge blobs that eat garbage and anything else. The Planeteers have to stop the blob before it eats everything and turns the Earth into a planet of living garbage.

Episode SummaryEdit

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Planeteer AlertsEdit

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Significant Moments and FactsEdit

Gaia: You can recycle just about everything

Wheeler: Like plastic. It's practically indestructible and stays around forever

Linka: But scientists do have ways to recycle many kinds of plastic.

Ma-Ti: Still, recycling starts with you

Gi: Technology can do many things, but it cannot make our garbage problem disappear

Captain Planet: Only you can make less trash. And remember the three R's: Reduce. Reuse. And recycle. The Power is yours!


Sly Sludge: I have a bad feeling about this( after seeing the garbage blobs) but I have a good feeling about this( upon looking at the case of money)


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