The Big Clam-Up
Season 02, Episode 09
Air date November 9, 1991
Written by Doug Molitor
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The Big Clam-Up is the ninth episode in the second season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main CharactersEdit

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot SynopsisEdit

As Ma-Ti becomes engrossed in the Dash Raymond detective novels, a real mystery emerges. Numerous people have fallen victim to poisoning by a cocktail of oil, nitrates, bacteria, heavy metal, solvents, and pesticides at an alarming rate in San Francisco. The Planeteers are sent to find out the source, and Ma-Ti tries to use some detective skill to find out the culprit only to always come up short... or does he?

Episode SummaryEdit

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Significant Moments and FactsEdit

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  • Ma-Ti: (as narrator of the mystery book) Maybe I never should have taken the caper. Maybe I should have just clammed up when that doll knocked on my office door. Instead, I said: “Come on in”. She was tall, dark...and semi-transparent.
    Fantasy-Gaia: I'm desperate. I need your help, Ma-Ti.
    Ma-Ti: (still reading the book) The name is Raymond, doll. Dash Raymond.
    Gaia: Spirit of Earth to Ma-Ti, hello!
    Gaia waves her hand before the eyes of Ma-Ti, who yells and falls off the chair in surprise.
  • Gaia: I want you to go to San Francisco and investigate.
    Ma-Ti: San Francisco? Dash Raymond's city? Gaia, I will take the cake!
    Ma-Ti runs off towards the geo-cruiser.
    Gaia: (with a sigh) I think he means he'll take the case.
  • Captain Planet: I wish I could help you out, but I'm just a superhero. Heh, I'm no detective.
    Wheeler: Neither is Ma-Ti.
    Captain Planet: Give him another chance.
  • Linka: What do we do? We are going off the cable!
    Wheeler: Try the networks?
    Kwame, Linka, and Gi: Wheeler!
  • Linka: What rhymes with fear? Uh... deer!
    Kwame: Gear? Clear? Spear?
    Gi: Hear? Tear?
    Linka: Near? Uh, cheer?
    Wheeler: Uh, rear? Sneer? Steer? Leer!
    Skumm: No, you pea-brains! Pier! PIER!
    Gi: Hey! Mimes aren't supposed to talk!
    Skumm: I know, but I've only got till midnight!


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