The Ark
Season 02, Episode 06
Air date October 19, 1991
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The Ark is the sixth episode in the second season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main CharactersEdit

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot SynopsisEdit

 While the Planeteers are trying to stop Greedly and Dr. Blight's deforesting golf cart from turning the Indian rainforest into a golf course, an Indian community goes against the Planeteers' wishes, since Greedly paid them. That night, while the Planeteers and an Indian tiger tracker named Mohan try to save the tigers, two of the tigers and the Planeteers and Mohan are taken out of nowhere. The Planeteers exchange greetings with a strange creature, a 70,000-year-old alien named Collector, and realize they are aboard an intergalactic menagerie on her spaceship, which she calls the "Space Ark ". The notice the place has many magnificent and extinct animals from several worlds including Earth. Among the extinct (due to anthropogenic threats) creatures present in the exhibits are the mammoth, mastodon, giant ground sloth Megatherium americanum, woolly rhino, saber-toothed cat, giant monitor lizard Megalania priscus, dodo, great auk, elephant bird, and passenger pigeon. But as the Planeteers get acquainted to the the place they soon realize that they are not visitors, but a collection.

Episode SummaryEdit

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Planeteer AlertsEdit

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Significant Moments and FactsEdit

•The 'elephant bird' that Linka points out has more the physique of the moa Dinornis maximus, another extinct giant flightless bird, from New Zealand. The actual elephant bird, Aepyornis titan, lived in Madagascar. Also, it is not to scale with the great auk; the auk should be only about a sixth of the moa's height, rather than a third.

•The correct name for the saber-toothed 'tiger' is saber-toothed 'cat'. Smilodon fatalis, the type species, was not closely related to tigers.

•The mastodon that Collector points out is actually the shovel-tusker Platybelodon grangeri (rather than Mammut americanum, the familiar American mastodon), another extinct relative of the elephant. Platybelodon was about 5.5 feet high at the shoulders and weighed 3.75 tons, and lived during the late Miocene, no later than 5 million B. C.. This indicates that Collector is at least 5 million years old, and not "only 70,000", as she claims.


Gi: You must have incredible animals from hundreds of worlds!

Collector: Not as many as you think, Gi. Of all the miracles in the Universe, the rarest is life. That's why it's so precious to me. And even where life occurs, it is not always secure.

Wheeler: (of Collector's Ice Age exhibit) Collector, this is way cool! Hey, you got any dinosaurs?

Collector: A few million years before my time. Wait a minute. How old do I look? I'm only 70,000, you know.

Gi: You don't look a day over 40,000.

Collector: Well, thanks, Gi.


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