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Captain Planet S4E01 - Tank Flusher

Tank Flusher III is Sly Sludge's second henchman, meant as a replacement for Ooze (who keeps his job nonetheless).


He is tall and muscular, with a deep voice. He has blonde hair and has a gold front tooth. Flusher is obviously stupid, which suits Sludge fine, as Flusher obeys his orders easily.

Flusher first appears in the episode A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part I and Part II. He answers Sludge's ad for "a heinous henchman to serve a Machiavellian master". He says he's the man for the job, even though he doesn't know what the ad means.

During No Small Problem, Tank Flusher is still working with Sludge and Ooze, this time using a shrink ray to dispose large amounts of trash quickly. However, as it turns out, the effect was only temporary and Flusher barely manages to escape from being buried in the growning mountains of trash. Then, they decide to give up on using the ray and try to recycle.