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Summit to Save Earth Part II
Season 2, Episode 18
Air date February 15, 1992
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Summit to Save Earth Part II is the eighteenth episode in the second season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main Characters[]

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot Synopsis[]

Zarm has succeeded in altering Earth's history, causing the Earth to become ruined. The now powerless Planeteers must find a way to get back their powers, undo the damage Zarm had caused, and save Gaia before she dies.

Episode Summary[]

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Planeteer Alerts[]

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Significant Moments and Facts[]

  • Commander Clash reappears since Mission to Save Earth.
  • Ma-Ti explicitly states that Zarm has no heart. This can be seen as being foreshadowed by The Conqueror, where Ma-Ti said Zarm's heart was empty.
  • In this episode Gaia is shown crying – twice.
    • First, during Ma-Ti's little speech about the power of Heart.
    • Second, at the very end, when the participants of the Earth Summit cheer for the good changes proposed by the President.
  • While getting rid of Zarm, Captain Planet manages to give Gaia a quick, yet very affectionate hug, which doesn't go unnoticed by Kwame and Wheeler.
  • Gaia is shown to have some control over the timeline.

Errors and inconsistencies[]

  • The delegates that Zarm captured reappear at the end without any basis as to how or when they were rescued, since Captain Planet kicked Zarm's ship into space.
  • Looten Plunder is strangely absent during Part 2 despite being in Part 1.


  • Duke Nukem: What's the matter, piggy-wiggy?
    Hoggish Greedily: Nuke, buddy, relax!
    Duke Nukem: You know what porkers like you are good for? Barbecue!
  • Zarm: (freeing Ma-Ti from his force field) Well, do something!
    Ma-Ti: (bursting into tears) I cannot stop you, Zarm. My ring is the power of Heart, which allows us to love. Heart to care for our planet and friends. My ring will not touch you because... you have no heart!
    Zarm: (laughing) You fool! It's Heart that makes you weak! So prepare yourself, weakling.
  • Ma-Ti: Our rings do not work!
    Gaia: (shaking her head) Planeteers... The rings are not the source of your power. The real power to save Earth comes from within; inside you. It always has.
  • Zarm: (being attacked by monkeys) Get away, you vermin!
    Captain Planet: You're the vermin, Zarm! No – vermin's too good for you. You're trash, and this is one time I'm not recycling!


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