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Flag of USSR

Flag of the Soviet Union

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) was a socialist state located on the Eurasian supercontinent between December 1922 and December 1991 that governed as a single-party state with Moscow as its capital. It was the home of Linka. During it's time the Soviet Union would made great strides in research, and industry; however mis-managment, and a high focus on expansion of industrial production over agriculture lead to an economic collapse in 1989, the same year as the Eastern European revolutions where many other communist governments were overthrown, that would lead to the union being dissolved in 1991. Following this collapse, fifteen post-soviet states emerged, and thousands of people where displaced. Without a central economic authority the people had to begin finding ways to supply themselves via barter, or self made enterprises. Townships would come together to figure out how to proceed as they laid claim to factories, mines, and farms that had once been owned by the state. The desolution of this collapse can be seen in the episode Missing Linka.

Linka came from Russia, which was revealed when the Soviet Union had been dissolved.