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Skumm Lord
Season 1, Episode 04
Air date October 6, 1990
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Skumm Lord is the fourth episode in the first season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main Characters[]

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot Synopsis[]

Verminous Skumm creates a chemical disease called Rat Rot and contaminates several water supplies with it. Anyone who drinks the contaminated water will turn into a mutant rat like himself and be under his control. Unfortunately, Wheeler, Linka, and Gi are among his victims. It's up to Kwame and Ma-Ti to rescue them, along with the other mutated people, before the whole world is overrun with mutant rats. The only thing that may cure Rat Rot is a rare Amazonian plant that is in danger of being lost to cattle ranching, and only Ma-Ti's friend the Shaman knows where to find it.

Episode Summary[]

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Planeteer Alerts[]


Ma-Ti: They are cutting down more rainforests, Captain Planet.
Wheeler: The world's rainforests are being destroyed at a rate of a football field a second.
Gi: What can we do about it?
Captain Planet: Don't use paper products that are only used once and thrown away.
Gaia: You can recycle newspapers so that new trees won't have to be cut down to make wood pulp.
Kwame: And stand beside the people who are standing up for our forests!
Captain Planet: The power is yours!

Significant Moments and Facts[]

  • When the Planeteers are shown the image of Verminous Skumm on the Planet Vision, Linka says "I am sick" in Russian, and then repeats it in English. Interestingly enough, the Russian equivalent of "sick" (Bolen) is used in the masculine. The correct, feminine form would be bol'naya.


  • During the summon sequence, Suchi's mouth is seen moving when Ma-Ti yells "Heart!"


  • Linka: Verminous Skumm. Ya bolen! I am sick!
    Gi: I have no idea what you just said, Linka, but I know I agree.
  • Verminous Skumm: Hey - Planet! What're you gonna do with me?
    Captain Planet: Hm, good question. It's either the police station, or the zoo.
    Verminous Skumm: The zoo, the zoo sounds good! They never have rat-exhibits at the zoo. I could start a new trend.
    Captain Planet: Say "cheese", you rat!
    Verminous Skumm:(growls as a prison door slams shut)


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