Sea No Evil
Season 4, Episode 07
Air date October 23, 1993
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Sea No Evil is the seventh episode in the fourth season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.


Plot SynopsisEdit

Gi visits a dolphin research facility and soon realizes that the dolphins used in that facility are really being used as slaves in a toxic waste chemical recovery scheme by Hoggish Greedly.

Episode SummaryEdit

While the kids are on vacation (Wheeler watching a Jaws-like movie and Kwame & Ma-Ti planting trees in India just like they wanted from the season opener), Gi visits a dolphin research facility and realizes that something is not right after noticing some weird electric stickers which control them and chemical burns on their tummies.

After being rescued from a shark attack by Preston, a man who works there, Gi goes with him underwater to investigate. They find the dolphins are used in a latest money making scheme by Hoggish Greedly. That scheme is to control the dolphins and get them to bring back toxic chemicals from a Nazi warship to his underwater lair, so he could sell the chemicals in auction to the highest bidder. The rest of the Planeteers are searching for Gi and find her and Preston being held prisoners in the lair. With all the odds stacked against them, they summon Captain Planet who rescues the prisoners, frees the dolphins and takes care of Greedly and Rigger.

Doctor Russell, the lady in charge of the facility realized the error of her and Preston's ways and decided to release the captive dolphins and started to research dolphins while they're in the wild.

Planeteer AlertsEdit

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Significant Moments and FactsEdit

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick guest stars as Doctor Russell & St. Elsewhere's Ed Begley Jr. guest stars as her assistant Preston.


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