Scorched Earth
Season 2, Episode 22
Air date March 14, 1992
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Scorched Earth is the twenty-second episode in the second season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main CharactersEdit

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot SynopsisEdit

The tyranny-strickened community of Pacifa is suffering under the iron fist rule of Supreme Commander Morgar, who plots to destroy them slowly if they don't fall under his rule. The Planeteers come to stop him, only to soon discover to their shock, the one REALLY behind the plot is Zarm himself. Two wayward siblings, Beta and Baaz, are their only hope.

Episode SummaryEdit

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Planeteer AlertsEdit

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Significant Moments and FactsEdit

  • Zarm stated that he's been a part of every tyrant in history, influencing their actions. In a cut, he mentioned that one certain tyrant believed he didn't need Zarm's help and tells the Planeteers to guess who he's referring to, giving a hint of "I think you will be pleasantly surprised". Although said dictator is never revealed, Zarm's clues heavily suggest it was German dictator Adolf Hitler.


  • Zarm: Resigned over a few toxic spills. Let me guide you. Together, we'll run this nation with an iron fist.
  • Unknown Man: But, what if there is opposition? I am not popular in the country side.
  • Zarm: Then, I have a little strategy. I call it Scorched Earth! (cackles) Gaia!
  • Gaia: Don't get too comfortable, Zarm. Wherever your destructive ideas emerge, the Planeteers will be there to stop them!


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