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In an episode of the cartoon Ben10: Ultimate Alien, Kevin commented that the ecological problem they were experiencing reminded him of a television show about five teenagers with magic rings. He couldn't remember the name, but hummed the opening song of Captain Planet's cartoon. But the episode had the error of establishing that this drawing had a narrator all the time rather than just at the opening.

The cartoon Fairly Odd Parents, parodied this cartoon through a TV show called Captain Green and the Ecologists Timmy watched in one episode.

In the cartoon The Amazing World of Gumball, in a Halloween episode, there was a character dressed as Captain Planet.

In an episode of the cartoon OK KO - Let's heroes. Doctor Blight meets with a villain from this cartoon and convinces him to generate a large amount of pollution, claiming that this will help his business. Then Kwame appears and reveals that the Planeteers stopped being a team because no one seems to care about ecology or want to change their behavior to help the planet. So he gathers KO's friends so they can use the rings and summon the captain.

Video Game[]

The video game Guild War 2 made a reference to Captain Planet. In one scene Golems were united in one and imitating the moment of the union of powers that makes the planet captain appear, when they were sent to unite it was revealed that they have themes in this exact order: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and the last had a pink power and its name was "Heart" without the vowels, and in reference to the phrase "Go, Planet" the spoken phrase was "Go, Golens". And they did it to defeat a villain.


The TV Tropes site has some tropes named after this cartoon: "The heart is an awesome power" and "All powers combined".