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Pillage Plunder was a future descendant from Looten Plunder during the episode Future Shock.


In his timeline, one hundred years after the series' setting, Pillage conquered the world economically with his dirty industries along with Blight-5 and Duplicitous Skumm. His latest scheme involved oil-skimming barges following leaky tankers to presumably to earn an easy profit. As he was reunited with his partners celebraing their latest successes, Zarm teleported from the time continuum to recruit them.

Zarm warned them that they were about to cease from existing thanks to the actions from Gaia and the Planeteers to create a better future. Feeling threatened by Zarm and with no other options, he accepted the offer. Along with Blight-5 and Duplicitous, he attacked numerous eco-friendly targets trying to keep his future, with no regards whatsoever for harming people along the way.

He meet his grandfather and Dr. Blight trying to blow-up a power plant and even managed to temporarily defeat Captain Planet. However, this was not enough: one of the people who were supposed to die in his attacks survived, a future scientist who would prevent the bad future from happening. His time ran out and he was erased from existence along with Blight-5 and Duplicitous Skumm.