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Captain Planet S4E01 - Ooze

Ooze is Sly Sludge's skinny henchman, voiced by Cam Clarke.


He is often seen wearing blue jeans, a vest and a yellow hard hat. Numerous times it is mentioned that Ooze is underpaid and only works for Sludge because he has no other option.He does all the heavy work while Sludge just watches and earns most of the profit.

During A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste Ooze is fired as soon as Sludge doesn't need him anymore, and is left to die walking in a desert. At the end of the episode, he betrays Sludge and Looten Plunder by ratting them out to a honest businessman they were trying to scam and to the authorities as well.

During No Small Problem, Ooze was somehow hired again by Sludge. This time they were using a shrink ray from Dr. Blight to dispose large amounts of trash and earn a quick profit. However, as it turns out, the effect was only temporary and Captain Planet has to save him from being buried in the growning piles of trash. Then, they decide to give up on the illegal schemes and try to recycle.