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Off Road Hog
Season 02, Episode 12
Air date November 30, 1991
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"We must stop Greedly! His off-road hogs are turning the desert into a wasteland!"

"What's Ma-Ti talkin' about? I thought that's what a desert was."

"No, but that's the way it will be, if Greedly has his way."

--Ma-Ti, Wheeler, and Gaia

"You can have plenty of fun in this desert without destroyin' it!"


Off Road Hog is the twelfth episode in the second season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main Characters[]

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot Synopsis[]

As Ma-ti tours the deserts of Nevada with his friend Josh, they discover Hoggish Greedly turning the desert into his private off-road course and that he's holding a wasteful off-road race, making the desert even more dangerous. With the Planeteers' help, they try to make sure the desert doesn't become a real wasteland.

Episode Summary[]

Pete, a dirt bike enthusiast, loves off-road racing with Hoggish Greedly and Rigger, until Ma-Ti and desert guide Joshua Stone show him how alive this "barren" desert really is, and how much damage off-road vehicles do to it. Pete and the Planeteers swoop in on hang gliders to stop Greedly's ORV race, but Captain Planet is needed to save everyone from a flash flood.

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Planeteer Alerts[]

First Planeteer Alert

Ma-Ti: The desert is a wonderful place. But, while it looks rugged. It is really very fragile.
Wheeler: Damage from off-road vehicles and dirt bikes takes a long time to heal.
Gi: These ruts were left by military training half a century ago.
Kwame: Plants have a hard enough time growing in the desert. Do not make it worse for them. If you're camping, bring your own firewood or stone.
Linka: Look at the wild flowers, but do not pick them.
Captain Planet: You can enjoy the desert without destroying it. The power is yours!

Second Planeteer Alert

Gaia: So many cars...
Captain Planet: So much pollution; smog is bad for all living things.
Kwame: But you can help.
Linka: There are lots of ways to get around that don't pollute.
Captain Planet: And when you get your own cruiser...
Wheeler: Keep it tuned up; and your tires properly inflated. Remember: drive safe, drive clean.

Significant Moments and Facts[]

•Gaia mentions that a dirt bike, when driven through a desert, displaces 1,500 pounds of topsoil per mile.


Gaia: Desert soil can take a thousand years to build up, and Greedly's 'recreational bulldozers' can destroy it in just one second.


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