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Mission to Save Earth Part I
Season 1, Episode 22
BlightMissiontoSaveEarthPt1 (42)
Dr. Blight using her Hate Ring
Air date May 4, 1991
Written by J. Larry Carroll
David B. Karren
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Mission to Save Earth Part I is the twenty-second episode in the first season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers. The story is by Nicholas Boxer, J. Larry Carroll and David B. Karren.


Plot Synopsis[]

Dr. Blight hatches a plan with Duke Nukem, Looten Plunder, Sly Sludge, and Verminous Skumm to steal the Planeteers' rings so that she can use her latest invention to create their evil copies. Succeeding in stealing the rings, they create the rings of Deforestation, Super Radiation, Smog, Toxics and Hate. They also discover that by combining these five polluting powers, they create Captain Pollution, their newest weapon against Captain Planet and the Planeteers. To complicate matters, they trick a lone soldier, Commander Clash, into thinking the Planeteers are enemies.

Episode Summary[]

None yet.

Planeteer Alerts[]


Captain Planet: The health of our planet relies on the health of it's people.
Wheeler: To reach the highest heights...
Linka: ...and win the fight to save our planet...
Ma-Ti: ...we must have strength...
Kwame: ...endurance...
Gi: ... and courage!
Wheeler: Our minds...
Linka: ...and our bodies must be in shape!
Commander Clash: Stay fit!
Captain Planet: The power is yours!

Significant Moments and Facts[]

  • The order to call Captain Pollution is a bit different from calling Captain Planet. The Super Radiation ring is the counterpart of Fire, but was called first.
  • The Deforestation ring wasn't shown used, but Captain Pollution did use this power. Also, the Hate ring wasn't shown either.
  • When Wheeler is waking up from the sleeping gas, his ring can be seen even though it was just stolen.
  • Hoggish Greedly can be seen with the other villains when they arrive on the island even though he has no role in the episode.


Sly Sludge: Watch this. Smog!
The smog flows over the ship.
Looten Plunder: Stop! STOP, YOU IDIOT!
Sly Sludge: Hey, loosen up, Looten! We're just havin' some fun.
Doctor Blight: Quiet, you fools!
Sly Sludge: You got somethin' up your sleeve, Blight?
MAL: The Planeteers use their rings to create Captain Planet.
Doctor Blight: If we combine the polluting powers of our rings, what will we create?
Sly Sludge: Hopefully havoc. But let's find out.
The Eco-villains step back.
Duke Nukem: Then let our polluting powers combine. Super Radiation!
Looten Plunder: Deforestation!
Sly Sludge: Smog!
Verminous Skumm: Toxic!
Doctor Blight: Hate!
Captain Pollution: By your polluting powers combined, I am Captain Pollution! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Eco-villains: Go, Pollution!