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Looten Plunder
S06E02 - Looten Plunder
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Powers Deforestation (Mission to Save Earth Part I and Part II, temporarily)
First Appearance Last of Her Kind
Voices James Coburn (seasons 1-3)
Ed Gilbert (seasons 4-6)

Looten Plunder is one of the Eco-villains. He considers himself a suave businessman. He rarely gets his hands dirty, instead, he prefers relying on others to do the dirty work for him while he watches from afar and profits from the results. Plunder represents the evils of unethical business actions.

Money is Plunder's main motive. He often finds corruption and weaknesses and exploits them for his own gain. Plunder doesn't care about human or environmental suffering, so long as cash continues to enter his pockets.

He tries his hand in most things - illegal hunting and poaching, deforestation, habitat destruction, and nefarious exploitation of technology.

Plunder obviously has a large supply of money and support, often using radical and advanced technology, as well as having many people willing to follow him and do his bidding. He has only one regular sidekick, Argos Bleak (see below), but Plunder's power extends to many, and it is evident he has the personality and the means to get people to follow him.

Occasionally, Plunder produces two other semi-regular sidekicks, the Pine head Brothers, Oakey and Dokey.

Aside from his duty to Bleak and the Pinehead Brothers, Plunder seems to have no sense of honor or loyalty. He has often teamed up with the likes of Hoggish Greedily or Sy Sludge, as was typical of the episodes alternating between a single Eco-Villain or two or more Eco-Villains working as a team. However, Plunder would even go so far as to betray the other Eco-Villains if he saw a greater advantage for himself or if the situation got too hot for him to handle.

Stereotypical of businessmen during the late 1980s/early 1990s, Plunder has shoulder-length brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. He is usually seen wearing an exceedingly gaudy pine green suit trimmed with tiger-skin print lapels. Sometimes the print is a natural tiger orange, but on numerous occasions, the print has been an even gaudier hot pink. He is often seen wielding a cane.

Plunder was voiced by the late James Coburn in seasons 1-3. Afterwards, in seasons 4-6, he was voiced by Ed Gilbert.



Argos Bleak

Argos Bleak
Main article: Argos Bleak

Bald and extremely muscular, Bleak handles the dirty work Plunder steers clear of. It is usually Bleak who takes care of the Planeteers by tying them up or trapping them somewhere in order to prevent them from stopping Plunder's latest scheme. Bleak dresses in an open black leather vest and combat pants. He favours heavy boots.

Bleak has a thin black mustache and an accent - which some fans of the show refer to as Australian, and other fans think British.

Significant Episodes[]


  • In the episode Whoo Gives a Hoot?, Looten Plunder is the only Eco-villain to beat the Planeteers after getting them to fail to capture an endangered animal on film.
  • Due to a pun on his name, he was featured in the closing credits where a dishevelled Plunder looks in disgust after Captain Planet released the captive elephants from his ivory poaching compound. The singing says that Captain Planet will "cast asunder...bad guys who like to loot and plunder!" with Plunder then shouting "You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!"
  • Plunder has a nephew, Robin Plunder, a movie producer who is equally malicious for the sake of profit. Robin's only appearance was in the episode Going Bats, Man.


  • Well, I never thought I would find myself wishing Captain Planet would... show up! (laughs)
  • You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!