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Season 4 Episode 4 Missing Linka


From the moment he sees her, Wheeler flirts heavily with Linka . He often calls her 'babe', and flirts with her heavily throughout several episodes. Linka, however, usually rejects his advances. Most of the time he accepts this with good humour, but occasionally he will question her further about going out with him, or he will display a hurt look, indicating that his feelings go deeper than simple flirting.

In Numbers Game, Wheeler falls asleep on a boat in the Tunnel of Love and dreams that Linka and he are happily married with eight children; Linka has characteristically lost her Eastern European accent and is pregnant with their ninth child.

Several times, Wheeler and Linka come close to kissing during quiet, intimate moments with one another, such as in the episode Beast of the Temple. However, they are usually interrupted before they can kiss.

Occasionally, Wheeler will flirt with other female characters, which causes Linka to become openly jealous. Whenever he is rescued from a tight spot, she displays obvious relief and is more open with her affections towards him.

Sometimes, Linka displays physical affection towards him, leaning in for a kiss or hugging him enthusiastically, usually after he has gone missing and she assumes something terrible has happened to him. In the episode Beast of the Temple, Wheeler goes missing after leading danger away from Linka, and she spends much of the episode fretting for him.

In the episode Missing Linka, Wheeler stays behind in Russia without telling Linka he is doing so. He follows her and saves her life several times before she realises who he is. At the end of the episode, before they return to Hope Island, the two share a passionate kiss.

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Wheeler: Hey, love your accent, babe. You Russian?

Linka: Soviet! Please, go away!

Wheeler: Love it...!

Linka: Maybe it's not smart to split up like this.

Wheeler: I kinda like the idea. First time you and I have a chance to be alone.

Wheeler: Gosh, Linka! We've been so busy I didn't get the chance to buy you something for your birthday! I'm sorry, babe.

Linka: Seeing Sneezer and her mother back together is the best present I could get.

Wheeler: In America when you get a present you gotta give back kisses [makes a face for a kiss]

Linka: In Soviet Union when boys give you fast move you give back fast 'nyet'

Linka: Let's airoplane!

Wheeler: It's let's jet, Linka. But 'let's airoplane' is kinda cute too, just like you.

Linka: We are going a little fast, nyet?

Wheeler: Nah. So far I've only got my arm around you.

Linka: I mean the cable car.

Linka: There may be hope for you yet, Wheeler.

Wheeler: Oh yeah?

Linka: I said hope not fantasy.

Linka: Look at him! He is being do-rag, and idiot over this girl!

Kwamee: Maybe it is not just Wheeler who is a little foolish.

Linka: You know, if you do not look so closely at the polution, Venice is…

Wheeler: ...kind of romantic, huh?

Linka: Well, da. Maybe.

Linka: There is something I am wanting you to know.

Wheeler: Uhuh?

Linka: Sometimes I act like I don't care for you, but…


Linka: We must find the others.

Wheeler: Wait a minute! What was it you were saying in there? Something about liking me, right?

Linka: Not now, Wheeler! Let's go!

Wheeler: [to himself] She likes me!

Linka: What is this? My ring? But how… Wheeler!

Wheeler: I can't believe I'm saying this but we better get out of here.

*he can't believe he's saying it because she was about to kiss him

Wheeler: Now that the danger is over where were we? [puts his arm around her and leans towards her]

Linka: [playfully] I think I must have mistaken you for a misterious stranger. [pushes him away]

Linka: Do you have a problem?

Wheeler: It's weird. I mean the future Planeteers… two of them. Thay kinda looked like us. Do you suppose that we…

Linka: [laughs] That is one future that is not possible, Yankee.

Linka: I do like to go dancing.

Wheeler: You do? I didn't know that!

Linka: There are many parts of me you do not know, Yankee.

Kwamee: I just had the weirdest nightmare!

Gi: Me too. About an intergalactic game show.

Wheeler: Yeah. [pointing at Linka] And you kissed me!

Linka: Ah, definitely a nightmare.

Wheeler: And Linka can play Bonnie to my Clyde

Linka: Okay, Clode. What is your plan?

Wheeler: That's Clyde.

Linka: So, Wheeler, is your best subject still lunch?

Wheeler: Nah. Romance 101. You wanna cram together sometime?

Wheeler: *whistle* You're looking outstanding, babe!

Linka: Thank you, Wheeler, I think…

Linka: We can work together to fuse the fuselage!

Wheeler: I'll fuse with you anytime, babe.

Wheeler: You know what I’m gonna whish for, don’t you, babe?

Linka: Be careful what you whish for, Wheeler! You may get it.

Wheeler: [seeing Linka pregnant] What happened to you?!

Linka: You know very well what happened to me *wink, wink*

Linka: [leans closer to him] I do not know what is wrong with you, Wheeler. The ride is almost over and you have not tried to kiss me yet.

Wheeler: [shies away from her] Don't you think we're moving a little fast, Linka? I don't think we should rush into anything.

Linka: [crosses her arms angrily] Urgh! I do not understanding boys!

Wheeler: Ah, Linka… If we ever were to get married…

Linka: What?!

Wheeler: How many kids would you wanna have?

Linka: [confused] Why?

Wheeler: 'Cause I deffinitely don't want more than two.

Linka: [laughs] Oh, Wheeler! [kisses him on the cheek] Happy birthday!

Linka: [under her normal sized clothes after being shrunk and fining out that she is naked] Bozhe moy! I am stark raving--

Wheeler: [covers his eyes and turns] Please! I guy can only take so much! [gives her a piece of torn fabric to cover herself and peeks through his fingers]

Linka: You are really croaking. As if you are becoming a frog!

Wheeler: [makes a face for a kiss and points at his lips]

Linka: You want me to kiss you? So you can turn into a prince perhaps? Well, alright. How can I turn down such a pathetic plea? [kisses him on the cheek and he jumps up like a frog] What a surprise! It did not work!

Linka: When this shrinky thing formula wears off I will get you for this, Yanke!

Wheeler: [while holding her few inches tall form in his hand] But for now, babe, I've got you in the palm of my hand.

Linka: It could be a trap! [going to the future with Dr. Blight's daughter]

Wheeler: Maybe. But at least I get to see how cute you turn out, blondie.

Wheeler: [lying on the beach and looking at some girls, Linka opens her umbrella in front of him so he couldn't see them anymore] Hey! What gives?

Linka: You do not want to get overexposed... [closes the umbrella and lies on the sunbed next to him] to the Sun that is.

Wheeler: [ironically] Thanks.

Wheeler: Hey. It's okay, you're safe now.