Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Powers None
First Appearance Meltdown Syndrome
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Leadsuit is Duke Nukem's weak and bumbling sidekick. In Meltdown Syndrome, he reveals that he works for Duke Nukem because when Nukem takes over the world, he'll get to be second in command. He, like the other eco-villain sidekicks (Ooze, Rigger and MAL), tends to take verbal and physical abuse from their bosses. Most often wearing a heavy radiation suit when near Nukem, despite other humans having been able to stand near him without such suits. In The Energy Vampire, Leadsuit was finally able to safely get out of his suit (albeit awkwardly) and gave himself a back-hump injury. He has brown hair and a weak frail body and glasses. In Meltdown Syndrome, he was shoved into a dark broom closet by the Planeteers (he didn't even put up a fight or resist). He then said he was scared of the dark, to which Wheeler replied that he'd be more scared of his boss if he were smart.

He is voiced by Frank Welker.