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Hoggish Greedly Junior
Gender Male
Race Human/pig mutant
Status Alive
Powers None
First Appearance Smog Hog
Voices Charlie Schlatter

Hoggish Greedly Jr., who is more often and simply called Junior for short, is Hoggish Greedly's son. He appeared only in the episode, Smog Hog, where his father gave him a big, fancy car for his 16th birthday called a Greedly Road Hog. The car had a lot of options such as being able to convert into a hot tub and a dance floor with a jukebox. But it released a lot of smog. Junior thought the car to be major cool. While the Planeteers came to stop Greedly's operation, Junior met Linka and was immediately attracted to her. But the feeling was not mutual. He kidnapped her and took her for a ride in his Road Hog while believing it would make him irresistible. However, during the ride, he collapsed due to choking on smog and couldn't breathe, which even made Linka concerned about him. Greedly begged the Planeteers to save his son. They summoned Captain Planet, who was able to get rid of the smog that Greedly's cars had caused, saving Junior's life. Junior thanked Captain Planet and so did Greedly, though it was very hard for him to get the words out. This experience turned out to be a real eye opener for Junior and Junior decided that he was going to use an environment friendly car and a bicycle from now on. Greedly couldn't believe that his own son was abandoning the ways of pollution. The Planeteers were very impressed by Junior's new way of thinking and made him an honorary Planeteer and Junior was proud to become one.



  • Though Sludge and MAL are the only major villains to reform, Junior is the first villain to do so in the series.