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Future Planeteers

When Captain Planet and the present day Planeteers were in trouble, Gaia quickly appears and brings a future team of Planeteers a different timeline to put a stop to the descendants of Verminous Skumm, Looten Plunder and Doctor Blight. They then summon Captain Planet who is the future version of the present day Captain Planet but new and improved. Captain Planet takes a stand against the future Descendant Eco Villians and saves his past self from being burned in bubble acid. The two Captain Planets then meet and greet then take a stand against the future Descendant Eco Villains. After the Future Eco Villains screwed up their future by accidentally shooting Ma-Ti the Future Eco Villains were erased and were cased to exist.

Future Captain Planet

Ma-ti heals quickly as the Future Eco villains were erased. The present and future Captain Planets and the present day went to face off Zarm the conqueror but he backed our indicating he will come back for revenge. Future Captain Planet is thanked by his present day self and Future Captain Planet returns back earth into the future Planeteers' rings.

Gaia tells everyone that these new Planeteers are from an alternate time line where pollution is no more.

The future Planeteers were about to meet and greet their present descendants and get to known each other but Gaia quickly intervened and sent them back to their own timeline from which they came from.

While cleaning up the Geo Cruiser with Linka, Wheeler is concerned about the two future Planeteers who almost looked identical to them but Linka tells him not to be so concerned about it.