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Fare Thee Whale
Season 2, Episode 25
Fare Thee Whale Dr. Blight (14)
Air date April 4, 1992
Written by Paul Dell
Steven Weiss
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Fare Thee Whale is the twenty-fifth episode in the second season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.


Plot Synopsis[]

Dr. Blight and Looten Plunder along with Maseo, a Japanese whaler, are killing humpback whales using science as a reason to do so. In reality, however, they are killing the whales to make them into pet food and fertilizer. After killing a mother humpback whale the Planeteers set out to save the pod of whales and prove to the whaling community that they're not doing it the name of science but to kill and can whales.

Episode Summary[]

None yet.

Planeteer Alerts[]

First Planeteer Alert

Gaia: Baleen whales are gentle giants of the ocean, truly unique creatures who hurt no one.
Gi: But whales need protection. You and your family can help by supporting groups to save the whales...
Wheeler: And by writing to your government leaders, asking them to support laws that protect whales from hunting and pollution.
Captain Planet: It's your planet, so make sure that whales are a part of it now and forever. Remember, the power is yours!

Second Planeteer Alert

Captain Planet: The Planeteers want you to join them in keeping our planet clean, healthy, and beautiful.
Wheeler: Don't litter. It's completely uncool.
Gaia: Please, put trash in its place. Remember, if everybody works together...
All: We can clean up the world.
Captain Planet: The power is yours!

Significant Moments and Facts[]

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  • Gi: Oh, that poor little whale...!
    Gaia: An orphan. Courtesy of Plunder and Blight. I don't mind telling you it makes my blood boil.
  • Ma-Ti: But how can they get away with it?
  • Gaia: Unfortunately, the International Whaling Treaty has some loopholes. Some people still kill whales; in the name of scientific research.
    Gi: "Research"?! That's killing! That's... that's...
    Gaia: (putting her forehead on the top of Gi's head) Cruel, dishonest, inhumane, and in this case – illegal. That's why I want you to put a stop to it.
    Gi: You don't have to ask twice. Let's go!
    Gaia: (watching the Planeteers rush off) If the rest of the world were like them, I could take a permanent vacation. (touching the baby whale's image on Planet Vision) Oh, well. Now, what are we gonna do about you, little one?
  • Plunder: Unfortunately, we're running out of room. Time to head back into port.
    Blight: I've got something that will cheer you up. Come by my lab and I'll show you the results of my latest..."research".
    Plunder smiles to himself.
  • Captain Planet returns to the rings.
    Plunder: Nice move, Blight! You let the big one get away!
    Blight: Don't carpet me, Plunder! Oh, men!
    Plunder: Hmph, women.
  • MAL: (in sing-song voice) Planeteers in the power room, Planeteers in the power room!
  • MAL: (in sing-song voice) Planeteers in the water, Planeteers in the water!
  • Captain Planet: By your powers combined...
    Plunder: O-oh!
    Captain Planet: (finishing his catchphrase) ... I am Captain Planet!
  • Gaia: (showing the adopted baby whale) Our newest Planeteer!
    Gi: Oh, Gaia! The orphan!
    Gaia: There's no way I could see this little one die.
    Gi: But how are we going to feed it?
    Gaia: Just leave that to a mother. (holds out her hand, summoning the mother whale who saved Takashi {son of Maseo, the former whaler}, and her calf) A mother whale, that is.
    Gi: That's what I call one big happy family.