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EDA Agent
EDA lady 1
Gender Female
Race Human/Caucasian
Status EDA Agent
Powers None
First Appearance An Inside Job
Voices Cree Summer

The EDA Agent is an unnamed female character from the episode An Inside Job.

Role in the Episode[]

She shows up to the P.U. pumping station, issuing Doctor Blight and Sly Sludge with a court order form to shut the facility down for dumping untreated sewage into the river, only to be shrunk and put into a jar by the two. Along with all the other agents who have been shrunk and imprisoned in jars. She appears again near the end of the episode saying, "Before you deactivate that machine, we're eager to get growing!". Then, off-screen, she speaks to the now arrested Blight and Sludge, telling them that they've treated their sewage and made it into fertilizer, ironically named "sludge".