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Duplistus Skumm

Duplicitous Skumm was a future descendant from Verminous Skumm during the episode Future Shock.


In his timeline, one hundred years after the series' setting, Duplicitous commanded the world along with Blight-5 and Pillage Plunder. Just like his past self, his schemes involved destabilizing society to keep himself in power; his lastest actions were to turn New York into the world's biggest trash dump. However, he is more mutated than Verminous Skummm, and even has a second fully-functional head, who thinks separately and often speaks completing his sentences.

While he was gloating the success with his partners, Zarm appeared and warned them that the actions from the Planeteers and Gaia in the past were going to make them cease to exist, with a new timeline overwriting them. Along with his partners, he accepted Zarm's call to travel through time and destroy all the eco-friendly technology that would make them disappear.

He attacked over fifteen targets given by Zarm, and even meet Dr. Blight and Looten Plunder trying to blow-up a green power plant. However, as it turned out, he and his partners had failed to kill a girl who was directly responsible for the timeline change. Even attacking various of the places Zarm told them was not enough to prevent the change as the girl survived. As a last-ditch effort to save himself, Duplicitous Skumm tried to use a shock weapon to eliminate the girl, but Ma-Ti was fast enough to reach her front and take the shoot in her place. He screamed along with Blight-5 and Pillage as they ceased to exist, with Gaia confirming that this was his fate.