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Don Porkaloin and Betty Blight.

Don Porkaloin is Hoggish Greedly's grandfather.

His first appearance was in Hog Tide where he and Betty Blight, the grandmother of Babs Blight, nearly destroyed a beach in Florida with an irresponsible hotel building that was too close to the shores. Their plans were foiled thanks to Captain Planet and a group of kids who represented the present-day Planeteers, Wally (Kwame), Rico (Wheeler), Lydia (Linka), Li (Gi), and Asi (Ma-Ti).

It is revealed in Ghost of Porkaloin Past that Porkaloin had reformed and became an environmentalist (it has not been revealed whatever became of Betty Blight). He had hoped that his grandson Greedly would, as well, but he was proven wrong and after deeming his grandson being too irresponsible and untrustworthy, he decided not leave Greedly his estate when he died, and instead all of his land will be given to the green conservancy in dedication to Captain Planet and the present-day Planeteers.


Don Porkaloin appears almost identical to Greedly, the only real differences being his thin, black moustache and his voice. He wears a dark, khaki-coloured suit with a green shirt and red and white-patterned tie. He has the same mohawk-style hair and the same, unfortunate proportions as his grandson does in the present-day. However, it was revealed in Ghost of Porkaloin Past that after he stopped overconsuming, he had also lost some weight.

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