Captain Planet and the Planeteers Wiki

Captain Planet and the Planeteers is a videogame based on the titular television series of the same name.


The player must beat five stages to win the game. Each level starts off with riding in a vehicle and making it to the fortress. Then Captain Planet is summoned and the player must guide him through the fortress until he makes it to the boss.


  • Hoggish Greedly - he appears for the first and third boss fights. He controls robotic machines but always cowers in fear when coming face-to-face with Captain Planet.
  • Doctor Blight/MAL - she appears as holographic clones generated by MAL. MAL fights with the weapons provided by Blight herself.
  • Looten Plunder/Argos Bleak - the fourth boss. Argos fires at Captain Planet while Plunder sits on the other side.
  • Duke Nukem - the fifth and final boss. He fires radioactive beams at Captain Planet while underneath a machine.