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The animated television series Captain Planet and the Planeteers features an opening score (which contains a voice over that summarizes the basic plot of the show) and an end credits theme from Seasons 1-5. However in the final season of the show (Season 6) the opening score is replaced with a new opening theme.

The opening score of the show (from Season 1-5) was composed by Tom Worrall.

The opening theme of the show (in Season 6) was composed by Pat Irwin, its was lyrics written by Nicholas Boxer, and the theme was sung by Fred Schneider.

The end credits theme music of the show plays at the end of every episode (it is often considered the "Main Theme" of Captain Planet.) Its lyrics was written by Nicholas Boxer, but composed by Murrray McFadden and Timothy Mulhollan. An uncredited female singer sings the song.

Opening Score Visuals[]

The intro begins with a traffic of cars, a view of city is zooming into Earth. The eye zooms on Gaia, and she conjures up the Planeteers' rings. The ring morphs a globe while the Planeteers rush on its side. First, Kwame uses his ring to cause a stone spire to lift a jeep in the air among a herd of elephants. Next, Duke Nukem is driving a truck and Wheeler is flying the Geo-cruiser, using his ring to melt the ground and the truck is broken. The papers are flying and messing up out of the machine while Linka is using her ring to stir up a whirlwind, which lifts Doctor Blight and Sly Sludge into the air. Gi is surfing in the ocean, using her ring to make water into a cyclone. The kidnapped dolphin and Hoggish Greedly see the cyclone coming. Greedly tries to get out of the way, but is splashed, and caught in his own net while the dolphin escapes. Ma-Ti oversees terrorist attacks alongside monkeys and the bus, using his ring in an unknown way. The Planeteers lift their rings and introduce Captain Planet from the grounds. Captain Planet is flying through locations, removing fire from the woods. The Planeteers team up and the series' logo appears.


Captain Planet Intro and Outro HQ

Opening Score Voice over[]

Levar Burton's voice (Captain Planet's voice in some seasons):

Our world is in peril. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth.

Can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet.

She gives five magic rings to five special young people.

From Africa, Kwame with the power of earth.

From the North America, Wheeler with the power of fire.

From Eastern Europe, Linka with the power of wind.

From Asia, Gi with the power of water

And from South America, Ma-Ti with the power of heart.

With the five powers combined they summon Earth's greatest champion - CAPTAIN PLANET!

Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, and Ma-Ti:

Go, Planet!

Levar Burton's voice (Captain Planet' voice in some seasons):

The power is yours!

Opening Theme (Season 6)[]


Captain Planet Season 6 Theme Song

Captain Planet:

By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!


Captain Planet, he's the man!

Leading the charge, Earth's number-one fan

Check him out, you're gonna see, He's the mega mac daddy of ecology.

Cap's the hero with the gumption,

Takes on the ogres of overpopulation and consumption.

Yeah, he could use a better groomer, some people say he's got a bad sense of humor.

Captain Planet:

I'm back!


But when eco-villains run amok,

Plundering and pillaging! Yuck!

Cap's here to level the playing field, with a PhD in sustainable yield.

But he's not the only hero for Earth, Gaia's wisdom gave the Planeteers birth.

Wheeler's the fire,

Ma-ti's got heart,

Gi's got the power to make waters part,

Kwame's rockin' with element Earth,

And Linka uses wind for all she's worth.

But still Greedlys and Blights trash our planet,

It's up to us to say, "We won't stand it!"

Raise your voice and challenge your peers,

Say, "It's way cool to be Planeteers!"

Captain Planet:

The power is yours!

End Credits Theme Lyrics[]











Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, and Ma-Ti:


Captain Planet:

With your powers combined

I am Captain Planet!

Female singer:

Captain Planet, he's our hero,

Gonna take pollution down to zero,

He's our powers magnified,

And he's fighting on the planet's side

Captain Planet, he's our hero,

Gonna take pollution down to zero,

Gonna help him put asunder,

Bad guys who like to Looten Plunder

Looten Plunder:

"You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!"

Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi, and Ma-Ti: (rapping)

We're the Planeteers,

You can be one too!

'Cause saving our planet,

Is the thing to do!

Looting and polluting is not the way,

Hear what Captain Planet has to say...

Captain Planet: