Captain Planet
Gender Male
Race Superhero
Status Alive
Powers All powers of nature and more
First Appearance A Hero for Earth
Voices Neil Ross (Un-aired Pilot)

David Coburn (Season 1 to present and dubbed over the Pilot for TV series)

Captain Planet is the eponymous character of the TV show Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

He is created by the five elements of the Magic Rings Gaia had invented. The elements that are used to create him are Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart.

Appearance Edit

Captain Planet has a long grass-green mullet and earthy brown eyes. His skin is crystal blue, and he wears a wide red collar that covers most of his chest, nape, and shoulders and has a yellow globe sign on it, red gloves, red trunks that have a black belt with a gold buckle on the front, and red boots. But in his very first appearance, his boots were missing for the first two episodes. In the episode 'Future Shock', a futuristic version of Captain Planet appears, sporting the same color of skin and hair, but his uniform is blue with red accents, and he speaks in a semi-deeper voice. In the episode 'Go Green and Stay Clean', it is revealed that Captain Planet can actually manipulate his form, including his height. It is speculated that his true size is about the size of earth itself, thus proving Jeremiah Comstock's predictions to be completely false.

Personality Edit

Captain Planet displays a wry sense of humor and often makes puns while taunting the show's cast of villains. In episodes like Mind Pollution and A Formula for Hate, however, Captain Planet refrains from his usual dishing out of jokes and puns, probably because of the serious nature of the subject matters of these particular episodes (drugs and HIV/AIDS respectively).

Powers and Abilities Edit

Captain Planet's abilities are never clearly defined within the show, allowing him to always have a way of defeating his enemy and solving the problem before him.

  • Molecular Changing: He can shape-shift and alter his structure to take on the properties of any element or material as well as transmuting other objects in a similar fashion.
  • Flame Projection
  • Water Projection
  • Earth Control
  • Air Control
  • Flight
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Invulnerability
  • Telepathy
  • Empathy

Weaknesses and Limitations Edit

Captain Planet is weakened when he is in contact with pollution (including mental pollution, hate). Like Gaia, he is bound to the physical realm of Earth. Although he is capable of flying into orbit, he can’t travel away from the planet. Thus, in one episode he is unable to "return to the Earth" completely as two of the five Planeteers and their rings, Earth and Heart, are stranded in space.

History Edit

In the beginning of the series, Gaia assembles a modern-day group of young people from several nations. When the modern-day Planeteers combine their powers to summon the elemental warrior, this incarnation takes on the appearance of a superhero named "Captain Planet".

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Relationships Edit

Planeteers Edit

Wheeler (Fire), Kwame (Earth), Linka (Wind), Gi (Water), and Ma-Ti (Heart)

Future Planeteers Edit

Wheeler (Fire) (Future), Kwame (Earth) (Future), Linka (Wind) (Future), Gi (Water) (Future), and Ma-Ti (Heart) (Future) Captain Planet on dvd

Quotes Edit

Catchphrases Edit

  • By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!
  • The power is yours!

Other Edit

Gooo planet!

Trivia Edit

  • On June 27, 2013, Sony Pictures announced that they are currently producing a live-action movie based on Captain Planet.[1] However, the idea most probably got discarded.
  • In the episode Greenhouse Planet, it is established that Linka's Wind power gives Captain Planet the ability to fly.
  • On October 9, 2017, Captain Planet returned in a crossover with OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes. David Colburn reprised his role.
  • When Captain Planet is summoned, the Planeteer's rings are of no use until Captain Planet returns to earth by returning the power.
  • Captain Planet also likes to make good appearances when he is summoned such as forming from the powers while in the sky, or when the powers zoom down from the sky into the ground Captain Planet will rise bursting from the ground or bursting from the ground under water.
  • The Planeteers have summoned Captain Planet by aiming their rings to the sky, at the water or at a vertical distance.
  • It is impossible to summon Captain Planet if there is too much pollution in the air.
  • He has been held captive by the Conqueror Zarm before without being summoned. Its unexplained how Captain Planet is captured when he is not summoned yet by the 5 rings.
  • When the TV series was beginning production, actor Tom Cruise was set for the voice role but dropped out before he recorded, so the role was passed onto David Coburn.

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