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Bug Off
Season 4, Episode 14
Air date February 19, 1994
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Bug Off is the fourteenth episode in the fourth season of Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

Main Characters[]

The main characters featured in this episode are:

Plot Synopsis[]

A swarm of mutated boll weevils created by Verminous Skumm attack a small town in North Carolina. The Planeteers go to stop the swarm before it eats the town. At the same time, Linka fights a cold using an herbal remedy created by Ma-Ti.

Episode Summary[]

None yet.

Planeteer Alerts[]

First Planeteer Alert

Gaia: Nature has its own way of dealing with pests. So we have to be careful about our use of chemical pesticides because they can upset the ecosystem and kill the good bugs along with the bad. Even spiders fulfill an important purpose in nature.
Kwame: So if you find one in the house, don't kill it. You can take it outside like this or ask your parents to help.
Linka: And be careful about how you use antibiotics and other medicine because, just like pesticides, you can kill the good germs along with the bad.
All: The power is yours!

Second Planeteer Alert

Linka: Many household items can hurt both pets and wildlife.
Kwame: A lot of things we do can hurt birds and other animals.
Wheeler: Did you know that car radiator fluid can be fatal to animals if they lick it or drink it?
Gi: Unfortunately, animals like the taste of radiator fluid. So never let it drain in the driveway or gutter.
Wheeler: And if any spills, clean it up.
Ma-Ti: If we are all careful of how we get rid of household waste, we can make it a lot safer for animals and the environment.
All: The power is yours!

Significant Moments and Facts[]

  • Wheeler makes a reference to the film Alien.
  • In real life, Venus flytraps don't simply close when food enters their leaves, and then automatically reopen after they've consumed it. They have three spikes on each side of each leaf (not six as indicated in this episode), two of which must be moved, or one moved twice. This is to prevent the trap from closing on things that it cannot digest. After the trap has caught the prey, it doesn't reopen until it has digested it, which takes about 10 days. Venus flytraps and other carnivorous plants eat animal prey because these plants grow in nutrient-poor soil (Zimmer, Carl. "Fatal Attraction", National Geographic, vol. 217, no. 3, Mar. 2010, pp. 84-95).


  • Captain Planet: See no weevil--hear no weevil!
  • Captain Planet (to Skumm, upon seeing the 3-ton boll weevil Sherman): Well...imagine that. A pest bigger than you.


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