Captain Planet and the Planeteers Wiki
Gender Female
Race Human/Caucasian
Status Erased from history
Powers None
First Appearance Future Shock
Voices Mary Kay Bergman

Blight-5 was a future descendant from Barbara Blight during the episode Future Shock.


In her timeline, one hundred years after the series' setting, Blight-5 managed to systematically conquer the world along with Duplicitous Skumm and Pillage Plunder. She often acts as the leader between the three.

In this dystopian future, Blight-5 earned profits by creating products to make possible for mankind to survive the unbearable environment and was assisted by the still-functioning MAL. She even created a way to clean fish meat from all the sea polluents to sell their meat as a premium product. However, as she was celebrating this new scheme with her partners, Zarm showed up and warned them that the actions from Gaia and the Planeteers was going to make their future cease to exist.

They then accepted Zarm's offer to use a time travel device in order to go to the past and destroy all the eco-friendly technology such as green power plants and environmental research laboratories. Despite doing so in order to preserve her existence, Blight-5 genuinely enjoyed doing so and was even crueler than her past counterpart.

Eventually, Blight-5 meet her grandmother and Looten Plunder trying to blow up one of their targets, but even teaming up with them and defeating Captain Planet, they were not able to prevent the timeline from changing. Gaia summoned the Planeteers' decendants to stop them, giving enough time for Ma-Ti to save the person directly responsible for the timeline change: a future scientist. Blight-5 and her partners screamed in horror as they were erased from existence. Apparently, Blight-5's undisclosed mother or father was overwritten by the eco-activist Betsi Blight.