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Betty Blight
Gender Female
Race Human
Status Unknown
Powers N/A
First Appearance Hog Tide
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Elizabeth "Betty" Blight is Doctor and Bambi Blight's very beautiful grandmother.


She appears in an episode that is set in the 40's. She works alongside Hoggish Greedly's great-grandfather, Don Porkaloin, indicating perhaps that the two families have a long history together. During the episode Hog Tide she uses her own creation; the "Moon Manipulator" - a machine that can control the weather. She uses it to change the path of a hurricane and bring it ashore.

Betty works as a singer in hotels to make money, but her main interest is in science, a trait her eldest granddaughter shares. This would suggest that it runs in the Blight family.


Betty looks almost identical to Dr. Blight, but with longer hair. She wears a purple long strapless dress with long black gloves. Like her granddaughter, she favors the colors pink and black.

Significant Episodes[]