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Argos Bleak
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Powers Deforestation (temporarily in "Hope Springs Eternal" and "Showdown On Hope Island")
First Appearance Last of Her Kind
Voices S. Scott Bullock

Argos Bleak is the bodyguard of Looten Plunder. He also functions as a mercenary and carries out most of Plunder's dirty work. He seems to have a military background, as he's seen in many episodes flying helicopters or other aircraft, and is proficient in handling firearms. Interestingly, though, Bleak appears to have some amount of knowledge of engineering, once needing to warn Plunder about the collapse of a water pumping station due to a lack of water underneath them.

Notably, he's the only sidekick to have his own episode, arguably making him an Eco-villain in his own right.

Bleak's nationality is rather ambiguous, with some fans considering him British, and some others considering him Australian. Barbara Pyle and Nick Boxer (Co-producers) have confirmed that Bleak is a product of mixed nationalities, with his mother being an Australian, father being a South African and studying in boarding school in England, leading to the development of his accent.

He appears to be the antithesis of Commander Clash, a man with a military background who aided the Planeteers on multiple occasions.

Significant Episodes[]